Sermon Series: “When Easter is Over” – starting Sunday, March 24th thru Easter Sunday, April 21st (check weekly for sermonettes)

Reverend James S. Utley begins his Sermon Series, “When Easter is Over” starting, Sunday, March 24th and will continue to Easter Sunday. The first sermonette is titled “When Rocks Cry Out.” Luke 19:37-40

Come join us at Malaby’s Crossroads to be a part of the teaching and preaching of our Pastor, Rev. Dr. James S. Utley. Rev. Utley will bring the word during the 10:00am morning services.

Sunday, March 31st – sermonette: “In the Presence of Humility”.  Luke 19:41-44
Sunday, April 7th – sermonette: ” Not in My House”. Luke 19:45-48
Sunday, April 14th – sermonette: “When Jesus Comes”. Luke 19:28-37
Thursday, April 19th – sermonette: “What is Truth” John 18:28-38 (Holy Week – Good Hope @ 7:30PM)
Sunday, April 21st – sermonette:  “Easter Surprise” Mark 16:1-8 (Easter Sunday…10AM morning service)


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