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Sometime in the year of 1865, a white Baptist missionary named Henry Martin Tupper journeyed to Raleigh, NC from the North. His purpose was to minister to the people of the south. With God as his guide and the support of northern backers, Mr. Tupper established what is now called Shaw University in 1877.  Although students studied a wide variety of subjects, Mr. Tupper’s main focus was to train ministers for the gospel.

As young men graduated, they were stationed in newly formed churches in the Raleigh area. Thus began the ministry of Malaby’s Crossroads upon church and community life in Knightdale.

The original meeting site was somewhere in the vicinity of the Neuse River. Meetings were held in a frame house near the Neuse River. This Meeting Place was known as The Crabtree Baptist Church.  After a year of earnest labor Reverend Harmon Pair was elected as Pastor. The Smithfield Road Church site was given by Walter Miles. Often families would be hindered from reaching their destination because the Neuse River would swell along its banks thus making it hard to cross. The road and bridge were not constructed as they are now. The decision was made to separate the congregation into two groups. The group on the west bank formed Elevation Baptist Church which still occupies the spot on higher ground just off of New Bern Avenue. The group on the east bank formed Malaby’s Crossroads Baptist Church.

Throughout its 151 year history, Malaby’s has experienced many successes and gone through many changes. The cemetery was purchased two tenths of a mile north of the church directly across from Lockhart School. The Church cemetery was founded by one of the first Trustees, Wilson A. Anderson in 1912.

Malaby’s was a church rooted in that old time religion. Hardwood floors, an old pot-bellied stove and kerosene lamps once decorated the inside of the old white frame church. A steel bell was rung on Sunday mornings and during funeral processionals from the steeple of the church. The Church was bricked; indoor toilet facilities, carpet, and a fellowship hall were added. Stained-glass windows, chandeliers, central air, a baptismal pool and cushions for the pews were later added in remodeling projects throughout the late 1960’sand early 1970’s.

Many older members remember spirit-filled revivals and outside picnics with lemonade dipped from a wooden barrel. The “mourners’ bench” was for any unsaved individual given the “invitational call” to sit on this designated bench for prayer and to consider joining the Church. Early converts would be baptized in an area pond while the congregation joined in a solemn but spirit-filled verse of “Wade in the Water” or “Take Me to the Water.”

Some of the Deacons at this time were Eli Smith, James Buffalo, John Evans, and Walter Tate.  Other leaders at that time were John D. Lockley, Henry Brown, Mark Hinton Sr., Ranson Hinton, Will Thorpe, Henry Robertson, Charlie Lyons and William (Bill) Bridges.

The church has had 13 pastors. The Reverend Harmon Pair was re-elected pastor a second time and served until his death in 1928. Reverend Sylvester Hall followed Reverend Pair. The next pastor was Rev. Robert Crockett. Others were V.T. Williams, J.H. Clanton, Otis Dunn, Nilous Avery, A.A. Crum, L.B. Hockaday, Dr. G.A. Jones, Sr., and Dr. Calvin Edward Johnson and Dr. James S. Utley.

Past Church Clerks were Otis Robertson, Sally Alexander, Ammie Williams, Queen Tyler, Lillie M. Royster, Mary Pebbles, Arnethea Faison, Maxcine Perry,  Kaye Russell,  Lucene Horton and Juanita Richardson. Now serving is Felicia McKinnon.

Some of our late Deacons were Jerry Dunn, Henry Faison, Sr., Fred Anderson, Dailey Debnam, Wiley Rodgers, Rayford Whitfield, Ruffin Watson, Henry Faison, Jr., Samuel Mial, Morris Watson, Willie Walton, Zeb High, Henry Hinton, John Temple, James P. Perry, Nathaniel Walton, Sr., Pearlie Hinton, Charles Whitley, Joseph Tyler

Deacons earlier ordained to serve were Charles Dunn, Thurman R. Dunn, Clyde O’Neal, Ruffin O’Neal, Johnny C. Perry, Larry Perry, Samuel Boone and William Upchurch. Presently, Charles Dunn, Johnny Perry, Larry Perry and Henry Thompson, are serving as Deacons. Deacon Ruffin O’Neal is the Chairman and Deacon William Brookes is the Vice Chair.

Trustees who served during earlier years were Edward Royster, Johnny (Buster) Perry, Jerry Cotton, Herman Dunn, Jr., Harriet O’Neal, Henry Perry and Jackie Foster.  The present Trustees are Douglas Boyd, Clarence Dunn, Willie Hicks, David High, Samuel McKenney, Haywood Russell and Willie Robertson. Trustee Douglas Boyd is the Chairman and Albert O’Neal is the Vice Chair.

Congregational singing enhanced the worship services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Early on Rev. Dr. G.A. Jones, Sr. pastored Juniper Level Baptist Church on the 1st and 3rd Sundays; so we shared him as pastor on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. Dr. Jones pastored Malaby’s for 32 years – – longer than any other minister in the church’s history. A host of new members joined through his ministry and preaching.  Dr. Jones’ resignation came in 1991.

The third Sunday, October 20, 1991, Rev. Dr. Calvin Edward Johnson, preached the gospel and later became the 12th pastor of Malaby’s. The installation service was on May 24, 1992 at 4:00 pm. Through many tireless efforts, the church authorized Deacon Thurman Dunn and the Board of Deacons to secure a tract of land purchased on Old Knight Road. With many challenges ahead, soon the church, entrusted Trustee Herman Dunn(deceased) and the Trustee Board to serve as executor in the selling of timber on the land. On March 05, 2000, under the direction of the Pastor, Deacon Board and then Trustee Chairman Walter Horton, Malaby’s broke ground for the building of a new Church site.

On August 26, 2001, our labor was not in vain; we again stepped out on faith. The growth was rapid and as membership peaked we knew we were ready for the  new facility. The Mayor and Town of Knightdale, joined us as we cut the ribbon on Phase One of our new facility. The church decided to build a sanctuary, finance and administrative offices and additional class, lounge and choir amenities.

April 27, 2003, marked another mile stone in the history of our great Church. Rev. Dr. C.E. Johnson announced his retirement and once again a change in direction came. But as our legacy would show the Lord is on our side. A change brought three new Assoamenities.ciate Ministers – Rev. James L. Pugh, Rev. Roscoe J. Davis and Rev. Rodney Thompson. One of the reasons the church functioned so efficiently can be attributed to dedicated church members and the spiritual guidance of Dr. C.R. Edwards. The preached Word continued as Dr. Chancy R. Edwards became the Interim Pastor.

On August 20, 2004, the members extended a call to Rev. James Stanley Utley to become Pastor of the church. We believe that Rev. Utley was not only our choice but also God’s choice. Malaby’s called Reverend Utley to be her pastor and teacher, preacher and leader. We united as pastor and people in the ministry of this church. Reverend James S. Utley became the 13th pastor. On November 7, 2004, the Pastoral Installation was given. Rev. Utley comes to us from a long list of associate ministers, nurtured by Rev. Dr. W.B. Lewis. Malaby’s has also received an excellent ‘First Lady’ in Michele B. Utley who has labored by his side. The Bible tells us that we are to be people of faith, and that faith is the sure sight we need for things that are hoped for and yet not seen. The members of Malaby’s have been sent a special leader.  Through his leadership, the church has seen numerous improvements, has an excellent stewardship program and continues to grow in new ministries and membership.

On yet another milestone, where the Lord Jesus was lifted, we celebrated another mortgage burning ceremony. On this momentous occasion, Sunday, December 16, 2018, the land mortgage was satisfied; giving MCMBC clear ownership of the additional 4 plus acres purchased next to our present campus. “How Great Thou Art!” The effort to payoff this mortgage required diligence and obedience to God, advising us to owe no man. The advice allows us to seek other adventures to invest in assets that help order our steps while working in the vineyard of God.

As we continue to work to advance God’s kingdom, we are thankful to the membership, and leadership who performed special efforts by working together.

Malaby’s is a strong, Christ-centered church. It has order and is growing in love. It has both faith and compassion – essential for Christ’s followers – and moves forward with anticipation. Pray for us as we continue great endeavors in the Name of the Lord. Hold on and watch God. God is not finished with us yet.

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