Join MCMBC Virtual Sunday Morning Worship – June 14th






SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHINGS “CONFERENCE CALLING” starting at 8:30AM until 9:30AM. The Sunday School lesson  for this Sunday, June 14th is “Value Wisdom”Devotional Reading: Proverbs 2:12-22Background Scripture: Genesis 39; Proverbs 2. The facilitator will be Reverend Daunita Adesuyi .

“CONFERENCE CALLING” starts at 8:30AM until 9:30AM The conference call # is: 1-712-770-5505 access code# is: 910524. Try to call in at least 5 minutes early. Be mindful once you are prompted to enter and announce yourself, listen  to make sure you don’t interrupt, and wait to the end of the session to do so. Keep your phones on mute until you wish to speak, announce your name to be recognized by the facilitator. When finished place your phone back on mute, if you choose to stay unmuted, be aware of possible background noise.   


YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL starts at 10:20AM until 11:00AM. If you have any questions, updates or need additional information, please contact Deacon Doug Boyd, Superintendent of Sunday School,  Reverend Laquinta James-Perry or Sister Tiffany Wilkins, Youth Director.


SUNDAY MORNING SERMON  Reverend Dr. James S. Utley will continue in the Sermon Series,  “Praying with Purpose”  This week’s sermonette in this series  is  entitled “If  you want to be Delivered Pray!”  coming from 2Kings 19: 14-19. 20: 1-7. This is part II and the final sermonette of this sermon series.

You can follow Dr. Utley on Facebook Live (Malaby’s Crossroads page) or You Tube (everybody is somebody mcmbcknightdale) starting at 9:30AM for the premier. Tune in to received a blessing through the teaching and preaching of the Bible.

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