MCMBC’s AWANDA Class on Wednesday-November 6th/ MCMBC’s “Church Protocol Workshop” on Wednesday-November 13th

On Wednesday, November 6th, MCMBC will have a session with Mr. Kevin Chewning, the State Coordinator of AWANDA Ministry at 6:30PM.

A -approved   W -workman   A -are   N -not   A-ashamed   2Timothy 2:15

AWANDA is a nonprofit ministry for discipleship solutions for parents and children ages 2-18 years old to teach, to learn, to love and serve Jesus.

On Wednesday, November 13th, MCMBC will host “Church Procedures and Church Protocol Workshop” conducted by a representative  from Wake Missionary Baptist Association at 6:30PM. 

Reverend Utley has requested that the MCMBC church family, adults as well as the youth attend these two important events.

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