MCMBC “Special Christmas Year-End Celebration” on Wednesday, December 11th

On Wednesday evening, December 11th, MCMBC will host an end of year “Special Christmas Celebration” in the fellowship hall. This will be a combination of TNT and WNBS attendees as well as other church members. It is the hope that we can honor our “Sick and Shut-In” and make arrangements for as many of them as possible to be a part of the festivities.

It will be a celebration of the holiday, food, fun and fellowship amongst each other, especially with our sick and shut-in members…but we shall remember that JESUS is the reason for the season.

COME AND JOIN US!!!  Look for additional upcoming information on this event.

NOTE: After TNT (Tuesday, December 10th) and WNBS (Wednesday, December 11th) the holiday hiatus will begin and resume in January 2020.


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